Monday, August 26th, 2019

Full disclosure


Lefty crank Ed Garveyis making fun of the political return of former Governor Tommy Thompson. Pretty funny when you consider something that was left out of Garvey’s blog post:

1998 Gubernatorial Election Results Thompson = Blue, Garvey = Red

Tommy Thompson Scott McCallum Republican 1,047,716 59.66%
Ed Garvey Barbara Lawton Democratic 679,553 38.70%

I forgot Barbara Lawton ran with Garvey. I wonder what ever happened to her?

Oh, as long as we’re kicking Garvey, take a check?

On Fighting Bob Fest:

“We began with Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Director Mike McCabe’s straight talk — calling political contributions bribery.”


“Still smiling about Fighting Bob Fest. You were very generous and put some $55,000 in the buckets. Thank you!”


Special interest group spending was led by We Are Wisconsin, a political action committee that spent a record $10.75 million for an electioneering group to support Democrats in the nine races. The PAC was funded by a coalition of unions mostly based in Washington, including the AFL- CIO, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and the Service Employees International Union, among others. The group sponsored more than 20 television ads in the recall races and spent the most – $2.6 million – to support Pasch in her effort to unseat Darling.

We Are Wisconsin is one of several independent expenditure groups required to disclose fundraising and spending but their reports to the state often fail to identify most of their donors.

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