Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Fun with Larry and the gang


Went to the Waukesha Common Council meeting tonight. No announcement tonight on the radium settlement with the DNR.

Global warming has hit Waukesha.
Alderman Tortomasi said the “coldest January” caused nine water main breaks, and two in February. If you see water cascading down Arcadian or bubbling up on Broadway, call the city. And if you see water turning into steam, call Batman.

Dinner and a meeting.
February 17th at 5:00 PM the Common Council will be meeting at the Park & Rec building to go over the strategic plan. The Common Council will have dinner, and then after the meeting the whole gang will head to the council chambers. The mayor assures me it will be an inexpensive affair.

The public has to bring their own food and drink.

Lori Luther performance evaluation time.
The mayor distributed a form to Common Council members asking for input as he prepares the one-year performance evaluation for the city administrator. I for one welcome our evil genius galactic overlord.

Lights, camera, action.
Next Common Council meeting we get to see movies from the BID. Bring popcorn.

It’s for the children.
The $1.5 million dollar expansion of the children’s wing of the Taj Ma Larry library is out to bid.

Talking baseball.
The fight over the zoning for Frame Park stadium may have ended yesterday, but the issue is not necessarily dead. As the mayor pointed out to me this evening, Chad Bauer is going to have to demonstrate that he has the financial backing to build his stadium before the Common Council will approve the project going forward.

Unfortunately, we can’t go rip out the survey sticks. Bummer.

See? And Alderman Vitale thought I picked a boring meeting to attend.

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