Monday, August 19th, 2019

Graeme Zielinski, ready for his closeup


Disgraced former Democratic Party communications director Graeme Zielinski has been slowly returning to Twitter but modestly has avoided any mention of his recent performance in front of the camera:

The best part, as others have noted, is at 12:18 when Zielinski is not being cooperative about blowing in the breathalyzer. Zielinski asked the state trooper, “If you were me, what would you do?”

Thou art so fat-witted, with drinking of old sack
and unbuttoning thee after supper and sleeping upon
benches after noon, that thou hast forgotten to
demand that truly which thou wouldst truly know.

– William Shakespeare, Henry IV part 1

No comment yet from Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate if Zielinski was drunk-tweeting when he was on the Democratic Party payroll like he was tweeting shortly after he was pulled over in Jefferson County.

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