Monday, August 19th, 2019

Gratuitous mentions


Darryl Enriquez in his Milwaukee Journal Sentinel blog notes the impending departure of Trent Brown, “the popular Waukesha South High School choir teacher.”

Trent Brown, the popular Waukesha South High School choir teacher, announced late last week that he was leaving at the end of the semester to pursue a doctorate degree in Tucson, Ariz.

Brown came to South five years ago and became known for involving singing students in off-campus choirs. He also helped organize the recent trip to China. All school programs are in danger of experiencing serious budget cuts. Choir students have launched a fund-raising campaign to help keep their choir program afloat, and news of his pending departure left many students in tears.

This is a blog post by Enriquez, so space is not an excuse. Enriquez mentions the possible budget cuts even though he does not establish a causal relationship between the cuts and Brown’s departure. In fact, Enriquez provides the reason for Brown’s departure, “to pursue a doctorate degree in Tucson”, so the mentioning of the budget cuts has no real reason in the blog post except to try to push an unrelated event into the increased school spending template.

Well, at least we know how the school funding debate is going to be covered.

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