Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Hackbarth on Facebook’s birthday


Another example of how Wisconsin is slowly conquering the world, has a new article by Sean Hackbarth, a Senior Campaign Manager for CRAFT | Media / Digital, on the anniversary of Facebook’s birth and how it has changed politics.

Facebook’s vast network expands a citizen’s reach beyond geography. Your friends are more than who you know in your neighborhood or town. Facebook helps connect people with similar passions. A Sarah Palin fan in Oklahoma can talk with a fan from New York. A Barack Obama fan in Wisconsin can share a campaign video with someone in Florida who they have not met in person but know because they met through the President’s Facebook page.

Also, Facebook allows people to put a human face and a personal touch on politics. A candidate may have a message about creating jobs that is blasted out through advertising, but a passionate supporter can frame that message into a personal story that fits their circle of friends. This is old fashioned one-to-one politics supercharged by the Internet.

What tools like Facebook have done is force politicians and political communicators to up their game and create compelling, meaningful content that will touch people so much that they want to share it with others. In addition, politicians are now forced to engage with the public instead of talking at them. It’s a slow process but we’re seeing that kind of fruitful engagement beginning to be used by Congressmen and Senators.

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