Monday, August 19th, 2019

Hop off the bus


Ruth Page Jones and the Magic Bus took off down I-94 today to have a press show straight out of PT Barnum (a sucker born every minute) in Madison and to meet with some members of the state legislature.

Today it’s everybody hop on the bus and go to Madison with Project ABC leader Ruth Page Jones. There they will rally and have a press conference at 10 a.m., and then seek out the local members of the state Legislature and ask them to support Senate Joint Resolution 27.

The flier from the Heyer Elementary School PTA promoting the bus trip touts Senate Joint Resolution 27 as a “fix” for the school funding formula by July 2009, and as “resolution that will directly impact the cuts made within the Waukesha School District.”

Um, no, and no.

Senate Joint Resolution 27 calls for the state Legislature to promise, promise mind you, to “fix” the state funding formula by July 1, 2009. The “how” is conveniently left unsaid. As for affecting the cuts now afflicting the Waukesha School District, last I checked this was still 2007. Relief, if any were to come out of the empty promises, most likely wouldn’t come until 2010.

That’s if any relief were to come to the Waukesha School District, considering how many other school districts are ahead of it waiting for an increase in state aid.

I half expect someone from the back of the bus ride to Madison to suddenly shout, “Don’t we have a better proposal than this?”

No, they don’t.

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