Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

How about a referendum on the mayor instead?


Waukesha’s mayor wants to have a referendum on any projects that cost more than $50 million. Okay, let’s point out the obvious.

Waukesha’s Common Council, with Scrima’s blessing at the time, voted to approve pursuing Great Lakes water. They also voted to resubmit the application to the DNR and the mayor did not veto it. There has not been a popular backlash against aldermen who voted for the Great Lakes water.

If anything, given the prior approval for the application, any pipeline for Great Lakes water could be considered as grandfathered in.

But even if it isn’t grandfathered and the council decides for some reason to pass Scrima’s referendum rule without exempting the water project. So what? In case anyone was paying attention tonight, the business community reiterated its support for Great Lakes water. The only people speaking Tuesday night in opposition were the same agitators as before.

Here’s the question to ask the mayor. If the referendum passed, would he promise to resign? If the referendum were made a referendum on the mayor, I’d be willing to make a small wager he would lose and Waukesha’s water future would be a pipeline to the East, especially if the cost of the alternatives the mayor has proposed were made a central part of the campaign.

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