Friday, August 23rd, 2019

I have a bad feeling about this


The Capital Times, known for indulging conspiracy theorists and celebrating the civic contributions of Ed Garvey, has acquired

The joint announcement came Thursday from Clayton Frink and John H. “Jack” Lussier, president and chairman of The Capital Times Co., and from WisPolitics.

Jeff Mayers will continue as president of the non-partisan, Madison-based news service, and JR Ross will continue as the editor. WisPolitics will continue to operate under the same name and from its current offices on the Capitol Square.

“WisPolitics has built a track record of success in its 10 years,” said Frink. “It will maintain its non-partisan mission of delivering timely, objective information on state politics and government to hundreds of subscribers and thousands of web viewers.”

Frink said WisPolitics will be run as a wholly owned subsidiary, with no integration of staff or connection to the editorial philosophy of The Capital Times. “Media companies spend countless hours talking about how to monetize news and information on the web,” Frink said. “WisPolitics has been doing it.”

“With Capital Times Co. ownership, we hope we can help take WisPolitics to another level from its very solid foundation,” Frink said.

Said Mayers: “This is a creative business deal that will ensure’s long-term growth and a future of quality service.”

Maybe the Cap Times was attracted to’s red banner.

I’m trying to put this in perspective, but the best comparison I can come up with is if The Nation bought Roll Call.

Would it help WisPolitics to maintain their independence if we sent them the Gadsden flag?

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