Monday, August 19th, 2019

If this was your idea of Thanksgiving, attend a meeting


I realize that I have a (somewhat undeserved) reputation for drinking, but even in my heaviest drinking days I like to think I would have drawn the line at this Thanksgiving meal:

For the past three days, chefs have been infusing a turkey with five different flavors of vodka and preparing a gravy that contains 100-proof vodka. At a press conference at PD O’Hurley’s today, they unveiled the prototype of “the nation’s only 100-proof turkey.”

Last year, the 100-proof turkey was prepared on a trial basis in one tavern and sold out; this year, the bird will be served at over 100 pubs and taverns in NYC, and the recipe will be posted at liquor stores around the nation. (So far it’s on the menu at P.D. O’Hurley’s, P.D. O’Hurley’s West End, Pier 84, Hudson Beach Cafe, and O’Caseys; it costs $29.99 per meal or $69 if you want O’Hurley’s to make you a whole bird.) The five vodka flavors used to make the infusion are peach, cherry, orange, lemon and apple.

100 proof? Does anyone see the irony of eating the turkey liver?

I suspect Congressman Tom Petri will take issue that they skipped cranberry vodka for cherry-flavor vodka instead.

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