Monday, August 19th, 2019

Iowa caucus starts at 7:00 PM. Are you not entertained?


I know you’re all excited. You’re sitting in front of the television with Fox News on wearing the t-shirt supporting your favorite candidate. You’ve got a big bowl of popcorn, some other salty snacks and even a few beers cooling in the refrigerator. You have probably even entered an online contest or two. Now you’re just waiting for the talking heads to announce the Republican nominee will be former Governor Mitt Romney.

Oops. Did I ruin the surprise?

Before you settle in completely, here is some handy-dandy last-minute info to help you enjoy tonight’s entertainment.

The rules

It’s very important that you understand the rules of the game before you watch 100,000 other people pick the Republican nominee for president. The Wall Street Journal has a video explaining everything:

If that’s not enough, the Daily Caller has a nice explanation if everyone at your Iowa Caucus Party is telling you to turn the sound down on your computer.


Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post, a must read for political geeks, has the latest betting odds for the Iowa Caucus in case your bookie still hasn’t heard from you.

Remember, gambling on America is wrong – unless you’re playing the stock market.

Cillizza has Romney at 1:1 odds. Congressman Ron Paul (L-Looney Racist) is sitting at 5:1.

Meanwhile, Intrade is a little more reasonable, putting Romney at 42%. Rick Santorum is at 29.8%

As if that was not enough to put you in a gambling mood, Slate Magazine used animation to bring the horse race to life. It’s animation that even Walt Disney would be proud of.


If that is not fun enough, and admittedly this is more fun than even I would have thought possible, there is the Iowa Caucus drinking game. Yes, it’s wrong to drink before you go to the polls, but there is no rule against drinking while watching other people do it for you.

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