Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Is Dog the Bounty Hunter available?


I wrote yesterday,

I suspect the minority party is not going to acquit themselves well. They may think they’re demonstrating passion and determination when they call the governor a dictator and compare him to Hosni Mubarak, but what they’re really showing is why voters no longer trusted them to make responsible decisions and voted them out last November.

Even I didn’t suspect that State Senate Democrats would lam it to some no-tell, motel in Rockford. Somebody in Madison should have suspected something when they saw a bus moving. It’s not like the buses are needed to ferry kids to schools to receive an education so long as “the professional” teachers are engaging in an illegal work stoppage.

As State Senator Jon Erpenbach told WTMJ-AM this afternoon, it’s not like they are holding out so they can try to negotiate directly with the governor. Erpenbach told WTMJ this is to buy time so Walker and the Republican State Senators can “listen” to the protestors. Let me translate. They’re hoping that if they stall long enough some Republicans will break ranks because of the noise.

I would like to believe that this move by the Democrats, on top of the ill behavior of the teachers unions, should steel the resolve of Republicans not to knuckle under. We’ll see. As we’ve seen so many times before, we are talking about Republican politicians, and those cave-ins have occurred so often before. Too many of them are too afraid to offend people that would never vote for them in the first place.

That’s what Democrats are counting on. If the Democrats were really interested in debate, they would have taken to the floor of the Senate and made their case. (If Democrats were really interested in dialogue, they would not have rushed through $1 billion tax increase in 24 hours when they did a budget fix two years ago.) but instead of acting as an opposition party, they upped and ran to the border. For all of their talk about “democracy” they have a strange willingness to drop it when it suits their purposes.

Of course, the flip side is that any Republican that breaks ranks now will set themselves up as a target for the Tea Party movement.

Unfortunately, Senate Democrats may leave the governor no choice but to start drawing up a list of who will be laid off before the money runs out. Nobody wants to see layoffs, but there may be no alternative.

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