Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Is it too much to hope the Democrats recall Schultz?


State Senator Dale Schultz, a former Republican majority leader, reminds us again why the Republicans alienated their base the last time they were in the majority. Schultz says he will offer an amendment to restore after 2013 collective bargaining privileges for state employees for their health care benefits.

Clearly Schultz is not paying attention. This will hardly mollify the mob camped outside his office door. Nor is he doing his colleagues any favors by making such a promise.

Finally, from a public policy point of view, it just doesn’t make any sense. Remember, this is part of a broader structural change in government to help local units of government adjust to less shared revenue. Putting them back into the same bind after 2013 but with less resources from the state is just irresponsible.

So if Democrats are looking for Republican state senators to recall, can we offer up Schultz first?

Update! Steve Eggleston reminds us that Schultz is a recipient of WEAC campaign contributions, a rarity among Republicans. (Even rarer are the mentions of this by the larger media outlets.)

I guess that $500 WEAC PAC gave Schultz last year, along with the $1,000 they gave him in 2006 and $1,000 in 2002, the only significant money to go to an individual Republican lately from WEAC, just might have had something to do with that knife in the back.

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