Friday, July 19th, 2019

Just a pathetic and dirty cheap shot


I get the frustration of Aaron Perry’s campaign, but pushing a story that Scott Allen donated to Bill Kramer twice as some sort of big deal is just cheap and pathetic. Michael Brander is really new to blogging so he might not have thought this hit piece through, but it is slimy. It is guilt by association, and a very tenuous association at that.

How would Perry like to be judged by the content of the editorial page of his employer, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel? At least there is a direct connection.

There is absolutely no evidence, not an allegation or even a rumor, that Allen knew anything about Bill Kramer’s alleged behavior towards women while intoxicated.

By this standard, almost every Republican official in Waukesha County is disqualified from holding office because they supported Kramer before the allegations about his behavior became known. Every voter that had a yard sign for Bill Kramer should be barred from ever supporting a candidate.

Perhaps Perry’s campaign believes candidates should not accept financial contributions or support from my wife, the Lovely Doreen from Waukesha, because she supported Bill Kramer in the past.

If the Perry campaign really wants to start down this path of guilt by association, they are going to make a lot of unnecessary enemies. Many people in the 97th assembly district supported Bill Kramer because he stood up for conservative values in Madison. He fought hard, and rose high into leadership, just as we would expect from a representative from Waukesha.

So imagine our disappointment when his personal misconduct, possibly criminal, became publicly known.

I don’t think any of the current contenders will have the penchant for self-destruction like Kramer did, but I also wonder if any of them will have the drive he did to be a successful state representative. I even wonder sometimes if Kramer could’ve beaten this bunch despite the allegations.

What I do know is that it is a cheap shot to try to associate a candidate with Kramer when there is not a shred of evidence that Allen knew of Kramer’s personal behavior.

Perry should remember that many of his friends, neighbors and supporters had good reasons for supporting Kramer. Whether Perry wins or loses on Tuesday, they are going to remember how he conducted this campaign.

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