Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Kaplan over Lumpkin in Racine County by one vote


Election returns are still coming in. Democratic-election-lawyer-to-the-stars Michael Maistelman sends word that Jim Kaplan defeated Racine County Supervisor Ken Lumpkin by one vote in the recount. That’s a two-fer for Kaplan in this strange contest over an aldermanic seat and a county board seat. Kaplan was the incumbent alderman and Lumpkin was the incumbent supervisor. Kaplan made the hat trick when Lumpkin’s election complaints (enter Maistelman) were shot down by the Racine County Board of Canvassers. Here’s the press release:

Racine – The Racine County Board of Canvasser’s today certified that Jim Kaplan beat out incumbent Ken Lumpkin for Racine County 4th District Supervisor position. The final recount tally was 219 – 218.

The Racine County Board of Canvasser’s also dismissed with prejudice Lumpkin’s remaining complaints against Kaplan dealing with campaign finance violations.

“Ken Lumpkin brought a frivolous campaign finance complaint against Jim Kaplan,” said Kaplan lead attorney Michael Maistelman. “The Board of Canvasser’s in a unanimous and bipartisan act dismissed the complaint with prejudice.”

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