Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Kyle Wood’s story falls apart


Kyle Wood, a volunteer for Republican congressional candidate Chad Lee, claimed to have been beaten up for being a gay man helping a Republican candidate. He then added to the furor by claiming that he was threatened by the gay partner of Democratic candidate Mark Pocan. Now Media Trackers is saying the story isn’t true.

Wood had shared information with Media Trackers subsequent to the beating purporting to show harassing text messages sent to him by Philip Frank, the spouse of Democratic Congressional candidate Mark Pocan. Individuals who know Wood verified the accuracy of his claims to Media Trackers but those claims now appear to be false. Media Trackers believes Wood misled us and lied when questioned about the accuracy of the information he claimed to have.

Harassment and violence should never be tolerated regardless of the motives behind it. Nor should fabricated claims of harassment and tolerance be allowed to stand without condemnation. Wood lied to law enforcement and the public about his beating and previous instances of harassment. His conduct is despicable.

The extent of the fraud perpetrated by Wood’s claims spreads far beyond Wisconsin as media outlets across the country picked up his story and repeated his allegations. Wood owes the public, Rep. Mark Pocan and his spouse Philip Frank, and law enforcement officials an apology.

Media Trackers regrets that we were repeatedly lied to and misled. We regret that our readers were subject to the dishonest claims of a dishonest individual. Despite the best efforts to verify the accuracy and integrity of certain claims, a cover-up sometimes works. Those who create and maintain such fabrications deserve to be ruthlessly exposed for they hold the power to destroy the credibility of innocent people.

The allegations about the threatening text messages took the alleged attack to a whole new level. Earlier in the day, Jack Craver of the Capital Times reported Pocan was ready to sue Media Trackers. Craver also has a list of a number of conservative sites that reported the attack. (He includes Ann Althouse even though Craver describes her as reserving judgment on the story’s credibility. Let go of the obsession, Jack.)

(I decided against commenting on the incident. I became suspicious of the story after Wood claimed they used a “ligature” to choke him. {see sex, ligature} But I have an ear for these things.)

Unfortunately, these types of false claims only distract from incidents that are more likely to be true, such as the recent attack on Sean Kedzie (a witness stopped the attack) and the nails in the parking lot at the Racine Tea Party rally (two cars damaged).

Fortunately Chad Lee’s chances of winning the congressional seat dominated by Dane County were not damaged by this whole affair as it was unlikely he would ever win. In a more competitive race, Republicans could have been punished by the sympathy for the falsely accused Democratic candidate, even if the Republican candidate had nothing to do with the fabricated story.

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