Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Labeling Walker a fascist and then calling for compromise


The Wisconsin State Journal’s editorial page is just ridiculous at times. Now the editorial cartoonist drew a picture of Governor Scott Walker as “Generalissimo Walker” and then complained Walker won’t compromise.

I cannot imagine anyone finding it the least bit funny to call the Governor a Fascist. Phil Hands should be ashamed of himself. This is just extreme and sick, and should be left to the radicals at the Capitol rather than printed in a newspaper. Hands should not be complaining about the inability of Walker to be more moderate, but should instead look at his own shortcomings. The irony is that Hands calls for “pragmatic policy making” when there is nothing “pragmatic” in the extreme way he depicted Governor Walker.

This is just another reminder that the Wisconsin State Journal is not a conservative newspaper, but just less liberal than the Capital Times. If someone really wanted to start an alternative in newspaper, there is plenty of room on the right for an alternative, while the Wisconsin State Journal keeps making it a little more crowded on the left side.

If you want another irony, it’s the Wisconsin State Journal that opposes elections for State Supreme Court Justices. Given the undemocratic tenor of the editorial page on that subject they might consider showing a little reticence before calling anyone else a Fascist.

Update! You want more irony? Hands engaged in the exact same behavior he criticized in an earlier cartoon. It only took Hands ten days to give in to his dark side.

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