Monday, August 26th, 2019

Liberal blogger calls it quits, blames liberals


Liberal blogger Lisa Mux has decided to discontinue her blog, Waukesha Wonk. She wrote,

The reason is simple: political blogging has ceased to bring me joy. Life is too short to spend your free time doing things that don’t bring about some level of joy.

Additionally, I find the tone of the political discourse of late to be disconcerting, and I’m not talking about the Republicans. Recent incidents and behavior by some on my own “side” have prompted me to question things.

I once asked Lisa if she was writing as a Democrat first or as a writer, and she told me that she was writing as a Democrat. That’s a formula for eventual blogger burn out, regardless of party.

However, her second reason is one I have heard before from another liberal blogger who called it quits some time ago. Look, I’m not going to deny that on the right the infighting can get a little fierce, but on the left there is a pressure to conform, usually followed up with, “You’re not helping.” The response is usually, “Why would we want to help you?”

(See: Sly Sylvester and Mary Burke)

That’s why it’s so interesting to watch the Mary Burke coronation causing such interesting fights on the left side, and why it’s so interesting to watch what’s happening in Milwaukee County.

I don’t spend a lot of time discussing liberal blogs in Wisconsin because most of them are vile garbage best reserved for bathroom walls. That, or they’re so paranoid they look like they were written by Col. Jack Ripper. (I think if you got a few of the adult Democrats in a room speaking off the record, they would say the same thing.) For all the talk of the Tea Party causing a civil war within the Republican Party, the attempted recall of Governor Scott Walker revealed a real ugly side to Wisconsin’s left. That ugliness has consequences.

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