Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Limiting unions in Illinois


Another liberal Democratic governor is working to limit state employee collective bargaining privileges, this time in Illinois.

“I fervently support the right to bargaining, right to form a union,” Quinn said after speaking at the annual Rainbow/PUSH conference. “At the same time, there have to be some positions in government which are management positions and we’re trying to draw a fair line.”

Democratic Party Quinn’s office argues the move would save the state money and make government more efficient, saying the bill would apply to high-level management positions such as attorneys, legislative liaisons and deputy chiefs of staffs for state agencies. The idea is to prevent situations where there is no clear leadership at state facilities because all the workers are union members and managers can’t discipline employees under them.

But labor officials say the bill would unfairly strip workers of their right to representation, and argue it’s not just limited to leadership positions, but lower-level workers, too. They’ve drawn comparisons to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s efforts to limit unions in that state, a likening Quinn calls “completely unfair.” (Thks: Kevin)

Quinn is having trouble passing this through the state senate. If the Democrats in control of the State Senate will do just about anything to stop Quinn’s plan, will they decide to “escape to Wisconsin?”

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