Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Live from the Defending the American Dream Summit


Sitting on “blog row” at the AFP Defending the American Dream Summit.  I’ll be making a few updates throughout the day.  State AFP Director Mark Block is making a few opening remarks. It’s double the expected turnout here today.  The convention staff are bringing in even more chairs as I type because of the turnout.  The room is packed.

Mark just reported the overwhelming response to the upcoming “Tea Party” in Madison on April 15th, announced by radio personality Vicki McKenna on Monday.

As I said, I’m sitting on “blog row” with some prominent local new media types: Fred Dooley from Real Debate, Steve Eggleston from No Runny Eggs, Josh Schroeder, Patrick Dorwin from Badger Blogger, and there are other bloggers and new media types elsewhere in the hall.  I’ll try to corner a few of them for comments.

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