Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Looks like a new school referendum for Waukesha


James and I had the privilege of attending the “forum” sponsored by ProjectABC at Waukesha North High School last night at 7:00Pm. Thank you to our legislators Rich Zipperer, Bill Kramer, Mark Gundrum, Scott Newcomer, Mary Lazich, and Ted Kanavas for coming out and putting up with an absolutely terrible “forum”. As for ProjectABC – next time, try to put on something that increases dialog and discussion. There was none of that in yesterday’s “forum”.

Oh and by the way-where was our school board? Why were they absent from the podium? Where was our school superintendent? Probably using a school credit card to purchase a business dinner? I am going to bet a dollar that they were there, but why were they not on the spot?

Local school programs are the responsiblity of the locality not the legislators. The state legislators are not the ones cutting our Gifted and Talented program – our school board is.

Lastly – the message was clear and our mayor is going to lead the charge if need be. There will be a new referendum coming this fall to fund Waukesha schools and last night was the start of that referendum.

I need to be fiscally responsible in my own home budget and the school district needs to be with its budget as well. I guess our school superintendent is going to have to close that business credit card after all. I just dont have the money to pay for it.

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