Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Losing my lunch


Is Mary Lazich stealing Kevin Fischer’s sandwich from the office ‘fridge and this is his subtle way of telling her to knock it off? Fischer explains why lunches are stolen at the office and who are the likely culprits.

Who is most likely to take someone else’s lunch?

John Buffini of Buffini Communications Systems in San Diego does personality testing for corporations.

Buffini says beware of the accounting department. Accountants fall into that category I mentioned as angry in a passive-aggressive way.

Customer-service workers are also usual suspects because they are in constant stress, dealing with unsatisfied patrons.

Those above suspicion are managers. They’re always being watched. So-called “hero” departments, like the information technology folks are also less likely to steal because they help you when you’re in need. Marketing employees get so many food freebies that they’re really not interested in your soggy sandwich.

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