Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

MacIver Solicits Information Regarding Labor Contracts, Union Membership Renewals


The MacIver Institute is making a plea to the public:

In November of 2010 as a lame duck legislature was preparing to vote on unseen contracts with state government employee unions, the MacIver Institute issued a plea to the public for help. We asked that anyone with access to details of the agreements, or the actual proposals, send them to us. We vowed to make them public.

“We believe the public should have an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of these agreements before they are voted on by the legislature,” Brett Healy, MacIver Institute’s President said at the time. “We’re asking anyone with access to the various proposed agreements to email them to us so that we can post them online for Wisconsin citizens to see.”

You came through, and we followed through on our promise.  Because of that partnership, the deals were no longer secretive, and the general public was better informed.

Today, as Act 10 currently sits in limbo as the result of judicial activism in Dane County, many local governments and school districts are in a rush to extend contract agreements under the old law. In many cases these agreements are being voted on with little advance notice.

We think that’s wrong, and we’re hoping that, together, we can bring some transparency to these efforts.

So, today, we turn to you again.  We’re reaching out to the teachers, school board members and school district administrators who have access to material that is not yet public, but should be.

Specifically, they are on the look-out for two types of materials. 1) Information regarding pending labor agreements between school districts and their employee unions 2) Materials pertaining to unions’ membership renewal / automatic dues payment efforts.

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