Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Making "Cowboys and Indians" a really short game


The City of Philadelphia is considering a ban on “realistic looking” toy guns.

City Councilwoman Donna Miller is concerned that realistic toy guns could easily be used in crimes:

“Some of these guns look really, really real.”

She’s concerned that children playing with them as toys become comfortable with what seems like the real thing:

“We don’t want them to get used to the idea of using a weapon.”

Miller has introduced a bill that will ban toys that could be perceived as real. The bill she says would not cover toy guns that are clearly plastic or brightly colored:

“You see those kids with those great big waterguns. Do we really want to forbid the sale of that? Well they don’t look real.”

We don’t want them to get used to the idea of using a weapon.

Is it because they would cling to their guns and their faith and not put their hope in Washington DC?

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