Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Mary Burke met some African Americans


Just in time for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday, Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke decided it was time to snowboard her way into the hearts of some actual African Americans. Deborah Tyler-Haywood has higher expectations of political candidates than just high hopes and empty phrases. Over at RightWisconsin, she writes:

We need concrete solutions from Burke detailing exactly what she intends to do about the plight of Blacks since she reached out to us. I think we all had enough of hope and change and pie in the sky well wishes. We need solid evidence that she actually did something in her time in the Madison Community (and with Governor Doyle) other than merely hoping for better and throwing money at problems to make them go away.

We all know that is not the way to solve any problem. It would be nice to hear that she has some kind of plan, solution, strategy that goes along with her compassion for the downtrodden. I would think by now the Milwaukee Black voter is not going to be a low information voter anymore who is going to fall for the useless liberal sloganeering.

Actually, the whole idea of Mary Burke reaching out to African American voters reminded me of a pair of Doonesbury cartoons from 1973 (when Trudeau was funny).
Doonesbury race 1
Doonesbury race 2

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