Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Mayor missing in action


The ten reasons Mayor Jeff Scrima missed the Waukesha Christmas Parade:

10. Organizers refused to call it the “New Christmas Day in Waukesha” parade.
9. Mayor thought the parade was on Christmas Day.
8. He got lost touring the lights at the Country Springs Hotel.
7. No giant inflatable Snoopy, no mayor.
6. Was not allowed to write the performance review for Santa Claus.
5. Afraid BID members might think he was taking sides.
4. Did not want to go through pat down screening process before parade.
3. It was on a school night.
2. It was the mayor’s vision that he would be in the Christmas Parade, and then he waited for the aldermen to do it for him.

And the number one reason why Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima missed the Christmas parade… (drum roll)

1. He sent an e-mail at 4:00 PM instead.

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