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Oconomowoc schools investigating marketing director who did consulting work during business hours

By   /  December 22, 2016  /  Education, News, Wisconsin  /  3 Comments

Photo from the Oconomowoc Area School District Facebook page“We’ll continue to investigate in our fact-finding until we can reach some logical conclusions, and then we’ll take whatever actions we deem necessary,” Rindo said

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Project labor agreement reform bill introduced in Wisconsin

By   /  December 16, 2016  /  News, State Government, Wisconsin  /  3 Comments

Photo by Twitter“We don’t want government either to prohibit or require a project labor agreement,” Hutton said.

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Study: Milwaukee voucher program a half-billion dollar winner

By   /  December 15, 2016  /  Education, News, Wisconsin  /  3 Comments

Photo by James WigdersonMILWAUKEE — A new study says the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program will have  a $473 million economic impact on the Milwaukee area by 2035 because of higher graduation rates for voucher school students compared to their peers in Milwaukee Public Schools. “There are many well-known benefits of graduating from high school,” Will Flanders, co-author of […]

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Special needs scholarship program rules face no opposition at hearing

By   /  December 14, 2016  /  Education, News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Photo by James Wigderson“Did anybody sign up on the form?”

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