Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Michigan and Florida bloggers need not apply?


Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post is reporting on the Democratic National Committee’s “embedding” of bloggers with the state delegations at their national convention.

Democrats will embed a single state-based political blogger with each delegation at its national convention later this summer, the latest sign of the courting of the burgeoning blogosphere by both political parties.

“The Internet is the most significant tool for building democracy since the invention of the printing press,” said Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean in a release from the convention committee.

The selection process began in November when the Democratic National Convention Committee began soliciting applications from bloggers for the coveted slots. It ends on April 15 when the picks are made. The selected bloggers will sit with their respective delegations on the floor of the convention and, in theory, offer real-time perspective on the goings-on.

Sounds more like to me a way to discourage bloggers from signing up for press credentials. However, if the convention becomes a battleground, the liberal blogs at the state level could make for some interesting reading.

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