Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Mr. Oblivious to honor Mr. Baseball


Classic. All hell is breaking loose in the state capitol. Democrats are accusing Governor Scott Walker of being the Hosni Mubarak of Wisconsin. Republicans are pointing out the state is in a fiscal crisis thanks to the Democrats. Thousands of people are protesting and jamming the phone lines.

And Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milw) picks today to announce a bill to honor Bob Uecker’s birthday (which is in January.)

As the Milwaukee Brewers begin spring training, State Senator Tim Carpenter (D–Milwaukee) announced that he has introduced legislation to honor veteran radio sportscaster Bob Uecker. The legislation would make January 26 of each year “Bob Uecker Day” in Wisconsin. Bob Uecker was born on January 26, 1935.

“Bob Uecker has been calling play-by-play radio broadcasts for the Milwaukee Brewers since 1971, making this his 40th anniversary. I grew up listening to Bob Uecker’s broadcasts with my parents and his great enthusiasm help spark my love of baseball. He is a beloved figure in Wisconsin baseball,” said Carpenter.

Senator Carpenter noted that Bob Uecker’s signature humor has made him not only recognizable in radio broadcasts, but also in television sportscasts, and an acting career that has included movies, television shows, and commercials. He also appeared over 100 times on the Tonight Show. “I loved that Johnny Carson nicknamed Bob Uecker, ‘Mr. Baseball,’” said Carpenter.

Not just to honor Bob Uecker this year, but every year. I bet the state legislature will just drop everything to pick this up and run with it. After all, according to State Representative Mark Pocan (D-Madison), the legislature doesn’t have to do anything right now. Somebody should suggest to Pocan and Carpenter that they can just go to the bar and let the adults handle things while they’re gone.

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