Sunday, August 25th, 2019



Owen Robinson of the blog Boots and Sabers won the MacIver Public Investigator Prize from the MacIver Institute.

For his continuing coverage of the West Bend School Board, Robinson will receive a $500 cash award from the John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy, a Wisconsin-based free market think tank.

“Owen’s work in West Bend is exactly the kind of citizen journalism we want to encourage and recognize,” said MacIver President Brett Healy. “Not only did Owen keep his readers abreast of what others had published about the West Bend School Board’s budget deliberations, he did a lot of legwork himself an provided original content not found anywhere else.”

The Institute occasionally awards the MacIver PI prizes to writers, bloggers, and other ordinary citizens who spend their “free” time working to root out government waste or making our government more transparent. Robinson has published dozens of blog entries over the last several months regarding the West Bend School District’s budget deliberations and other activities of the West Bend School Board. He reported on their use of tax dollars to finance ‘team building’ dinners, wrote about internal disputes between board members, predicted the Board’s push for sweeping new tax hikes and filed an open records request for data to back up the School District’s claim that it “has experienced 15 years of consecutive budget reductions.”

Congratulations to Owen on a job well done.

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