Sunday, August 25th, 2019

New local Democratic Party chairman


Victor Weers is the new Democratic Party chairman in Waukesha, according to a Twitter update by outgoing Chairman Jeff Christensen.  Weers, a former candidate for state assembly in the 98th, will have the thankless job of trying to recruit candidates for public office in solidly Republican Waukesha County to try to hold down the Republican vote total.  According to WisconsinVote.Org , Weers previously served as party chairman in 2005.  Weers also said it was the Iraq War that drew him into politics.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did a profile of Weers for his unsuccessful race against Paul Farrow.  Looking at Weers’ stands on the issues, he’s about as out-of-sync with the rest of Waukesha as a party chairman can get. Weers thinks raising energy costs by pursuing “green energy sources” will bring jobs, wants to release more people from prison, supports universal taxpayer-provided health care and supports Obamacare, likes the so-called high-speed train, wants to keep combined reporting for higher corporate taxes, and supports a cap on school choice enrollment.

Give him credit.  Obviously his positions are not focus-group tested in Waukesha.

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