Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Nobody liked the iPad at first, either


I’m betting that the Apple watch thingy becomes hugely popular. Why? Because I think I spent several days making fun of the iPad on Twitter. I wasn’t alone. The BusinessInsider remembers:

Ahead of the official announcement of the iWatch, it’s good to look back at reaction to the iPad. While the iPad is now a blockbuster, when it was first announced the reaction was not good.

In the Steve Jobs biography, Walter Isaacson reported: “The night after his announcement, Jobs was annoyed and depressed.”

Now everyone has some kind of tablet, and my wife has a mini iPad. I suspect before long I’ll be wearing a watch again, something I haven’t done in twenty years.

I remember one of the first blogger conferences I went to and a number of us were getting a beer in the bar. Someone came up to us and asked the time and we all pulled out our phones. We all laughed that the wristwatch was nearly dead. I guess we were wrong.

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