Monday, August 19th, 2019

Not exactly Watergate but in some ways worse


The alleged crimes are disturbing, even shocking. Tim Russell, a former aide to Governor Scott Walker when he was the Milwaukee County Executive, and Kevin Kavanaugh are accused of stealing money that was supposed to be used to celebrate veterans at an annual event at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

The other charges against Russell’s domestic partner, Brian Pierick, of “child enticement and exposure of a sex organ” are even more disturbing. Pierick was recently let go by the Department of Public Instruction.

According to DPI’s website, Pierick worked in the office that did education for homeless children and youth. Patrick Gasper, a DPI spokesman, said Pierick was fired Thursday. He had been hired in October 2011, Gasper said, and was within his six-month probationary period. Gasper said Pierick had a clear background check at the time of his hiring, and added that he was as an office assistant and did not work directly with children.

So I’m looking forward to the headline, “Probe finds alleged sexual predator working for Tony Evers.”

If the charges against Russell, Pierick and Kavanaugh are true, what a disgusting band of loathsome creatures. Allegedly stealing money from veterans, and a possible sexual predator?

On the other hand, none of these activities seem to have anything to do with Governor Scott Walker or his political campaigns, other than one of the people who had his trust was allegedly not worthy of it. Counter to the “Walker is guilty” narrative some on the political left will try to spin, Walker actually asked the District Attorney in 2010 to investigate the missing money.

(I don’t think anyone on the Left will suggest Walker stop associating with homosexuals in case one of them turns into a sexual predator on the internet, but I could be wrong.)

So far the John Doe probe has resulted in the conviction of one campaign contributor, the investigation of another minor campaign contributor, the use of a battering ram, and now the arrest of three people for crimes unrelated to Walker’s campaign activities, all because an aide to Walker posted some comments on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website.

If the Journal Sentinel had instituted a paywall system when Walker was County Executive all of this could have been avoided.

But seriously, there is no way this isn’t a distraction in the Walker camp, especially when the alleged corruption involves someone close to Walker and it happened in the county executive’s office under Walker’s watch.

Meanwhile, the probe continues.

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