Monday, August 19th, 2019

Not getting the message


“Do something! Anything! Just do it for us! GimmeeGimmeeGimmee!”

Jay Walt misses the point when local legislative leaders try to tell him there’s no more money in the state piggy bank for Waukesha, and that other constituencies are even more demanding of money.

It’s really starting to resemble the Scott Jensen era of “non-involvement” for the Waukesha constituents again…

Um, Jay, they are doing something. They’re trying to stop Milwaukee’s and the outstate legislators from making matters worse.

Everytime someone demands more money from the state, I feel like yelling, “There is no sanctuary.”

He would do much better to ask the school district and the teachers union to do something instead, like agree upon a benefits and salary package that reduces the burden on Waukesha taxpayers.

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