Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Not the Democratic Convention. The other zoo in Milwaukee.


Spent the day at the Milwaukee County Zoo with my family. I love the zoo, even if a soft-serve ice cream cone is $2. Next time I go I’ll remember to stick a Milwaukee County resident in the driver’s seat for admission.

We rode the train at the zoo. The train, of course, is a perfect example of what would be wrong with rail in this state. It doesn’t go where you want to go and the only reason why it’s there is because children like trains. It would be nice if you could actually see some of the exhibits from the train but, as we all know, once the track is laid it’s not like they can just pick up the rails and move them.

One of the trains still burns coal. I’m surprised environmentalists aren’t tying themselves to the track to save the Earth from Global Warming. Of course, now that they’ve read this Jim Rowen will chain himself to the gates and blame the coal-burning train on a legacy of neglect by the previous county executive, Scott Walker.

We tried to do a few things that were different from previous trips. We saw the seals perform today. My son figured out that if we sit in the back row we would at least have the shade from the back fence protecting us. We rode the Zoofari, which turned out to be a nice tour of the zoo. The line was a little long but it was a great way to “see” the exhibits we were only casually interested in. We went to the butterfly exhibit, which my family really enjoyed. I found it a little nerve wracking when I saw a few youngsters that reminded me of Darla from Finding Nemo. However, my children were very respectful of the little critters, even when one of the larger butterflies landed on my back and was intent on carrying me away (see ant, rubber tree).

My favorite exhibit is, of course, the elephants, and we always go out of our way to make sure we visit them. My wife loves visiting the lions. My children enjoy looking at the penguins at the aviary. But the best part of going to the zoo today was seeing all of the local Boy Scouts who camped out overnight. What a tremendous opportunity for them and I trust only a couple of them were fed to the tigers.

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