Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Now we know why Tate was in Washington D.C.


When Wisconsin Democratic State Party Chairman Mike Tate was on Upfront with Mike Gousha this weekend, he was in a studio in Washington D.C. In between the “you knows” Tate had this to say about the efforts to recall Republican state senators.

“These are really citizen driven efforts. You know, I mean that the bar for recalling a state senator or a sitting governor is pretty high and you can’t do it without extensive, you know, organic citizen participation.”

Apparently when young Tate said, “organic,” he meant fertilized with bulls–t.
The MacIver Institute found this nice little job posting recruiting in Washington D.C..
From the MacIver Institute:

The ad, for the Madison-based “Wisconsin Progress ” organization, was listed on the website of The Bob Traverse Group. 

The Traverse site, operated out of Falls Church, Va, bills itself as “the leading resource for anyone seeking a job on Capitol Hill and off the Hill in the fields of government affairs, public affairs and communications.”

What a lovely bunch of coconuts. Mike Tate has to be one of the most dishonest people in Wisconsin today.

The Democrats are going right back to the playbook they used in 1995 when they recalled Senator George Petak to retake control of the state senate. (Ironically, if Democrats had recruited a better chairman nationally before the election, maybe they wouldn’t be playing catch up now.)

By the way, this reveals the big flaw of political talk shows. It’s just stupid to pair up dishonest political party hacks like Tate with someone doing their best to give a real analysis like Brian Fraley. John Nichols of the Capitol Times is not much better than Tate, but at least his job description says he’s supposed to be independent of the Democratic Party.

Oh, and happy birthday to Mike Tate. In a few years he might even outgrow the “you knows.”

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