Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

One among the dozen


Idiots, idiots everywhere. On the way home this evening I saw one idiot behind the wheel of a car honking her horn because the six cars in her lane weren’t moving. When they did move, they didn’t move fast enough for her and she honked her horn again. This time the car in front of her stopped and someone got out. Since we were east of 124th street, I didn’t stick around to see the end.

There were idiots abroad. Former Chief Idiot Jimmy Carter became a useful idiot for terrorists when he declared he had achieved peace in our time. Fortunately Hamas was more truthful than Jimmy when they pointed out that they did not accept the right of Israel to exist and that they would only offer Israel a ten-year truce provided Israel retreated to it’s (strategically untenable) pre-1967 borders. After said truce Hamas would go back to killing Israelis until the last Jew was gone.

But this week the idiots were out in force in Milwaukee County where the County Board had to vote 45 times to elect a new chairman. The new chairman is the same as the old one, violent slumlord Lee Holloway. Brian Fraley has the twelve who voted for Holloway on the final ballot.

1. Gerry Broderick
2. Toni Clark
3. Elizabeth Coggs-Jones
4. Marina Dimitrijevic
5. Lee Holloway
6. Willie Johnson Jr.
7. Christopher Larson
8. Theo Lipscomb
9. Michael Mayo Sr.
10. John Thomas
11. John Weishan Jr.
12. Peggy West

But we can’t have 12 idiot politicians of the week, can we? And we won’t. Supervisor Lipscomb voted “present” the entire time until the final vote because he didn’t feel it was right for a newcomer to make such a choice. Of course, when he ran for the office it was assumed by his constituents that they were asking him to precisely do that – make choices. And not later – now. Had he voted earlier, he could have broken the tie for second place, forcing the run-off between Holloway and Schmitt that much earlier. But he failed to do the one task his constituents required of him causing the whole embarrassing mess to drag out that much longer. What’s worse, when he finally made a choice so many hours after it all began, he made the wrong choice, making the whole affair that much more embarrassing to Milwaukee County.

So congratulations Supervisor Lipscomb. On the job less than a week and already you are the Idiot Politician of the Week. Who would’ve thought your constituents would miss James White as their supervisor?

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