Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Packing concealed heat


Wisconsin Attorney General JB Van Hollen has been upping the ante in the concealed weapon debate, issuing a permit to former Justice Department investigator Tom Steingraeber.

It’s illegal for citizens to carry a concealed weapon in Wisconsin. But Van Hollen says the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004 sets out guidelines under which qualified retired law enforcement officers can carry concealed weapons.

The former investigator, Tom Steingraeber, retired from the Justice Department in 1993. He served as director of the White Collar Crimes Bureau.

I believe (and my 2nd amendment reader fans will correct me if I’m wrong on this) that the actual illegality of carrying a concealed weapon is in doubt because of the state constitution’s right to bear arms. It would be interesting if Dane County suddenly decided to get into a fight with Van Hollen over this, especially with the addition of Gableman to the Supreme Court.

I loved this comment from a reader of the Capital Times:

How many murders and liquor store robberies has this armed citizen committed? I can’t believe Van Hollen would endanger the people of our state with such an ignorant decision. When will we learn that guns are a regrettable part of our violent past that should be done away with? Evolve, man! Give peace a chance!

Hey, that’s why they’re known as peace officers.

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