Monday, August 26th, 2019

Pity party for Chiovatero


Milwaukee Magazine is ready to turn New Berlin Mayor Jack Chiovatero into a martyr. In an article titled, “The Sad Story of Jack Chiovatero,” Matt Hrodey writes,

New Berlin mayor Jack Chiovatero lost last night, and maybe we shouldn’t be surprised seeing as the local businessman once sent an email to a constituent alleging that the suburb “is filled with prejudice and bigoted people.” But this is the story of a man who was pushed too far.

Really? He called his constituents in small-town New Berlin, “bigoted people.” These are his friends and neighbors. All because city residents weren’t too happy with an attempted bait-and-switch for a subsidized rental complex that was supposed to be in an area planned for high-end development.

Maybe Hrodey thinks politicians should call their constituents bigots when they disagree with him. But, in the immortal words of Tony Soprano, “those that want respect, give respect.” Chiovatero showed his fellow New Berliners no respect, and they showed him the door.

Spare us the tears. It looks like the supposed martyr is going to have a happy retirement, and Chiovatero can loathe his neighbors in private.

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