Monday, August 19th, 2019

Predictions and last minute observations


I don’t claim to have inside information; I’m only making these predictions from observation. But if you were going to bet on the State Supreme Court race (and we all know that would be wrong), then I’m guessing the negative ads worked and we’re looking at Clifford the Big Red Dog winning 52% to 48% over Annette “Gut Check” Ziegler.

Owen Robinson has some contrary poll numbers from the Wisconsin Realtors showing Ziegler up by 17%.

Just a couple of observations about the race. Fred of Real Debate forwarded and Owen at Boots and Sabers posted a phone call made by Clifford supporters without the required disclaimers. I wonder who paid for those?

Speaking of Owen Robinson, some interesting developments in the complaint filed with the state elections board. Representing Monica Sitter who filed the complaint is attorney Bruce Davey of the law firm Lawton & Cates. Also practicing at Lawton & Cates is former State Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager (they must have great parties). Lautenschlager recently endorsed Linda Clifford. It’s a small world after all. (The attorney for Ms. Sitter has not responded to my questions about whether they intend to widen the complaint to include liberal blogs endorsing Clifford.)

Finally, I find myself in agreement with Mike Mathias on the subject of Clifford’s campaign using the endorsement from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. If the editors didn’t want Clifford to use the endorsement, don’t make the endorsement. Gee, why should the “public” be confused about whether the newspaper is supporting Clifford after the newspaper declares that it is supporting Clifford?

Heck, I’ve used the Journal Sentinel‘s endorsement in campaigns even when they endorsed my candidate’s opponent.

Update! 7:13pm
Proof that you can get a good education at UW-Milwaukee:
Mike Mathias, Tim Rock, Jessica McBride and I all agree – The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel should stop their whining and do some real reporting. Now if we could only agree what that is!

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