Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Quote of the day


“Wisconsin state law defines marriage between a husband and a wife. I think everybody with a third grade education or higher understands that a husband is a man and a wife is a woman. And we’ve had numerous courts in Wisconsin interpret that to mean a man and a woman, husband and a wife. We’ve had two consecutive attorneys general do that. Uh, there was an attempt to pass statutory legislation that Governor Doyle vetoed because he said this is just unnecessary, it’s redundant. Um, I think there hasn’t been a big push, or really any push at all, for gay marriage or any sort of domestic partnership because, despite what you will hear from the other side, there is not some sort of rush, not some sort of big push, not some sort of big organization, that is trying to push for these things. These things are illegal today because of the will of the people deems them as such and nothing is going to change here.”

“No on the Amendment” campaign manager (and current Democratic Party Chairman) Mike Tate,

Debate with Julaine Appling, (audio) October 2, 2006

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