Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Race to the left side of bottom


In a rather pathetic attempt to curry favor with the radical leftwing voters in Tuesday’s election, the liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates are attempting to re-fight the election battle of 2008 when Michael Gableman defeated the incumbent Louis Butler. The left in this state has been so incensed at the result that some of them have even wished to end judicial elections altogether.

You may recall how Gableman’s campaign ran a deceptive ad during that race, an ad that was near-universally panned. Despite the criticism of Gableman for the ad, the voters decided to elect him rather than retain Butler who was helping the court lurch in a leftward, activist direction.

Now one candidate for the State Supreme Court, Joel Winnig, has even called for Justice Gableman to resign. It’s a sad attempt at pandering to the left side of the electorate in a desperate attempt to finish in the top two in Tuesday’s primary.

The other likely candidate after Tuesday is incumbent Justice David Prosser, who at least has the common sense to respect the First Amendment and the will of the voters when it comes to judicial elections.

Regardless of who emerges as the liberals’ champion, the voters should ask them, “Why do you hate us?” with the follow-up, “Why shouldn’t your contempt of us disqualify you?”

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