Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Randy Hopper in the Weiner Republic


Perhaps Republicans in Wisconsin should take a page from the Democrats in how they’ve handled Anthony Weiner’s too-late confession. Democrats are lining up one by one to take a bite out of Weiner. Maybe he was obnoxious and disliked. Maybe they really don’t like what he did. Maybe they’re uncomfotable that Weiner’s best character reference right now is a porn star.

Here in Wisconsin we have our own scandal involving a politician too-appropriately named, State Senator Randy Hopper (R). Hopper has the misfortune of facing a recall election at the same time he left his wife for a live-in girlfriend. Memo to Wisconsin politicians: Make sure the divorce is final before the petition drive to recall you knocks on your door and gets your current wife to sign.

Yes, this scandal is almost as good as former Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan (D) dating a lobbyist for an industry that the rest of his party wanted to regulate and moving out of his house which landed him outside his district. Not too coincidentally, Sheridan was not only out of the house and out of the district, he was soon out of office.

I like scandals that have a happy ending.

There is no chance Hopper can win the recall election. Is he watching Weiner get roasted? Hopper’s randy behavior makes him toasted. (It’s funnier because it rhymed.)

Blogger and Republican activist Kevin Binversie has suggested Hopper resign now to give the party a fighting chance to save the seat. My only addition to that would be that the Republican Party would have to be stupid to try to save him.

I said they would be stupid if they tried to save him…

Yeah, I know.

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