Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Recall of Hansen also looks good


Democratic State Senator Dave Hansen may also be in recall trouble, as 350 people showed up for tonight’s recall meeting.

The meeting was organized by Green Bay resident David VanderLeest, who filed the recall effort against Hansen. CRG Network, a Milwaukee-based organization that advises on about a dozen recall efforts a year around the state, provided recall-process information.

Christopher Kliesmet, executive administrator for CRG Network, said usual turnout for recall meetings like the one Saturday is 50 to 100 people.

“This one was off the charts,” he said. “These guys will probably get the signatures.”

VanderLeest said 13,852 Senate District 30 residents will need to sign petitions within 60 days to force a recall election. District 30 ranges from East Green Bay to Marinette. He said they’d likely have a “recalldavehansen” website up in a couple of days, but pointed out that recall petitions can only be signed in person.

Glenn and Dorothy Gardipee of Howard said they support the recall because Hansen is in Illinois.
“He should be in Madison just like the Democratic Assembly members were,” Glenn Gardipee said. “Tuesday will be an important date.”

Tuesday is the deadline for the state to refinance $215 million in general obligation bonds. Walker has said that without the financing, the state will have to lay off workers to avoid a deficit for the current budget year, which ends June 30. The measure cannot be approved unless the senators return.

Gardipee said that even if the senators do return, the recall effort likely will go forward.
“As of today the momentum is already going. I don’t think the leaders here will back down,” he said.

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