Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Replacing Ellis


Over at RightWisconsin, Collin Roth has a list of possible Republican candidates to replace retiring State Sen Mike Ellis. One the list are: former Rep Steve Wieckert, former Rep Roger Roth, current Rep Dave Murphy, and former State Treasurer Jack Voight.

Roth doesn’t mention her, but I am really hoping Terri McCormick doesn’t jump in because I’ll have to re-read that gawd-awful book of hers.

From this distance and, bearing in mind that it’s early, the early betting is on Roger Roth if he gets in the race. He finished second in the Republican primary that nominated Reid Ribble for congress. He is also the nephew of former Congressman Toby Roth and a veteran of the Iraq war.

Found Roth’s 2009 announcement he was running for congress:

Wieckert retired from the Assembly in 2008, citing family issues as a reason, prior to the Democratic wave that year. Voight lost to Dawn Marie Sass in the Democratic wave elections in 2006. Murphy would have to give up his Assembly seat to run. He was interviewed on Wisconsin Eye in 2012.


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