Monday, August 26th, 2019

Rush football madness


There’s not a whole lot to add to what Kevin Binversie and Sean Hackbarth wrote about the left’s campaign to stop Rush Limbaugh from becoming part owner of the St Louis Rams. Limbaugh had to know his bid would be controversial, especially after his stint with ESPN. It was almost as if he never really wanted to be an owner but just wanted the controversy.

Becoming an owner in the NFL was never easy. The AFL was founded by prospective owners that couldn’t get in. The first Dallas Cowboys owner, Clint Murchison, had to buy the rights to the Washington Redskins fight song to force that owner to allow Murchison to buy the franchise.

The left will never allow Limbaugh to find legitimacy, the popular culture doesn’t support him, and the NFL shuns controversy. Effectively, Limbaugh has been blacklisted as effectively as anyone in Hollywood under HUAC and McCarthyism.

Should there be some sort of conservative backlash against the NFL? There should be, probably, but there won’t be. The NFL will chug along just fine until the owners find some other way to wreck the sport.

As for me, I’ll still watch. But it’s been less so over the years. The older I get, the less interest I have in professional sports. The commercials are inappropriate for families. The players’ behaviors have reached new lows. The distance between the teams and the fans has never been greater, even if the games are now shown in Hi Def.

Now the NFL is telling another segment of their fan base that they’re really not interested in keeping us around. They would prefer Keith Olbermann to Rush Limbaugh.

I don’t think a successful boycott is likely, but someday the NFL may wonder when it started to lose a significant portion of its fan base. It will have begun when fathers stop looking forward to sitting with their sons on Sundays after church and watching their favorite teams together. It will be when we find that we just have better things to do with our time.

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