Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Scenes from a protest


I was part of a group of seven people yesterday attending the pro-Walker rally. Most of the others were not experienced with what a leftist protest looked like. I spoke a little while ago with one of the people in our group and he said he was glad he went. Until you see the circus in person, it’s hard to understand what it’s like. As the Tea Party rally was ending, he noticed the police were all lined up looking at the pro-union marchers.

“Is it a bad sign when the police are facing all one way?”

Fortunately it looked like everyone left without incident despite the Capitol Police stupidly directing the Tea Party rally attendees through the leftist protestors on the way in and out of the event. It was almost as if the Capitol Police were trying to provoke a riot. Of course, that impression might have been aided when one of the officers told a Tea Party rallier (with a laugh), “If you’re against the bill, you’re protest is over there. If you’re in favor of the bill, I have no idea where you are going.”

The crowd at the Tea Party rally was vastly outnumbered but their spirits were high and they tried to keep a good sense of humor. At times it was difficult when union members were deliberately trying to provoke a violent response by marching through the crowd ringing bells loud enough so the speakers couldn’t be heard or when a leftist attempted to unplug the sound system.

But it was an interesting experience, as you can see from these photos.

Oh good, the anarchists are here

Lame excuse for a giant puppet

Fuzzy wuzzy giving free hugs

Blogger Steve Eggleston interviews Senator Lassee

Turning the Capitol into a frat house

Not even free puppies

Classy pro-union demonstrators

"When Walker becomes president will the Democrats flee the country?"

More classy pro-union protestors. Should direct protests against public school teachers.

Recall was popular with the crowd

Season ticket holder at the wrong protest

"Look! Our teacher is over there talking to that doctor!"

I don't know why this protestor had a suitcase

Holy Fruitcake Batman! It's Banana Girl!

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