Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Send in the clowns


This week’s column for the MacIver Institute is from the front lines in Madison on Saturday where, believe it or not, the circus was in town.

The good news from Madison this weekend is that the circus was in town. No, really. If you were driving past the Madison Expo on Saturday you may have noticed there was a little more traffic than usual. Perhaps you may have thought it would have been better if a police office had been there to direct the extra traffic.

However, it is more than likely that any extra police officers that the Madison police Department had were at the other circus Saturday afternoon at the State Capitol Building. Pro-Union activists were again at the Capitol Square in force, first holding a rally and then marching around the Capitol chanting, drumming, and even twirling hula-hoops. My favorite was the person covered with stuffed animals asking people to hug him.

I admit it. I hugged him, too. I figured if the Capital Times’ John Nichols could hold the megaphone for the Reverend Jesse Jackson, I could give the fuzzy guy a hug.

My column even inspired a bit of poetry by J. Gravelle. (Follow Gravelle’s scoffs on Twitter. I do.)

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