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Site guidelines Updated 3/3/2015

Comments are not only allowed, they are encouraged.  I allow the maximum freedom possible but, quoting National Review’s classified advertising policy, one man’s freedom is another man’s straitjacket. Unfortunately, due to the abuse of my tolerance by a few, all comments are held until they have my approval. I will not tolerate libel. I will edit for profanity. Personal attacks on me and/or my family will end your commenting privileges. I allow some discussion of what you see on other sites, but prefer you take your personal grievances there.  There is no assumption of anonymity in the comments section. I also have no tolerance for conspiracy theories and will delete any comment linking to a conspiracy website or in any way promoting a conspiracy theory.

Disclaimer that I strongly suggest everyone reads: James Wigderson is not responsible for the content of any comments posted by visitors or guests to or any associated web pages.  Responsibility for the content of comments belongs to the commenter alone.  There is no assumption of anonymity on the part of the commenter, and any identifying information available to James Wigderson regarding the identity of a commenter may be made available to anyone who, in the sole judgment of James Wigderson, may have reasonable cause to seek such information.

James Wigderson is the sole owner of © and the Wigderson Library & Pub ©, the associated web pages, RSS feeds, and all content therein.  No content may be reproduced except within the framework of fair use unless with the written permission of James Wigderson.  Quoting in part is allowable, but not taking items in their entirety.

Beer and e-mail are cheap.  Lawsuits are forever.

Feel free to contact me at jameswigderson at

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