Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Sitting on the Finley chair


Former Waukesha County Executive Dan Finley might have wanted to wait before endorsing former Waukesha Democratic Party Chairman Rich Congdon for judge. Finley, once talked of as a possible Republican candidate for governor, is now Congdon’s “Honorary Chair of the Committee.”

Congdon now has a formidable opponent in State Rep. Mark Gundrum. Gundrum is quoted by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “I think it would be good to have a person with a solid conservative view of the law in there.”

Congdon replied, “I don’t know what kind of knowledge he has about criminal law. There’s nothing conservative or liberal about courtroom work. If somebody needs to go to prison, you send them to prison. If somebody needs to go to prison for a long time, you send them to prison for a long time.”

If Congdon cannot understand the difference between the two philosophies, that perhaps explains the lack of success of the Democratic Party in Waukesha. However, it’s more likely Congdon is just being disingenuous.

Regardless, more disappointing than Finley’s endorsement are the endorsements by several of Waukesha’s judges. From Congdon’s press release:

Also supporting Judge Congdon are his fellow Judges Ralph Ramirez, James Kieffer, Robert Mawdsley, Lee S. Dreyfus, Kathryn Foster, Neil Nettesheim and Patrick Snyder. Former Judges Mark Gempeler, Jess Martinez, Ness Flores, and Waukesha Municipal Judge Joe Cook are also endorsing Judge Congdon.

Makes you wonder what’s happening in the rest of the court rooms in Waukesha.

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