Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Soglin engages in voter suppression


Former Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, paid agent of the forces of darkness to try to defeat WMC, is engaging in voter suppression.
As Edward B. Foley, Director of Election Law, Moritz College of Law noted:

Voters can be prevented from potentially voting for the other candidate (1) by direct threats of intimidation, (2) by suppressing turnout through disinformation and scare tactics, and finally, (3) by efforts to keep the other candidate’s message from being communicated. (emphasis added)…

While voter suppression in its most drastic form involves physical threat and intimidation, it can be more subtle as were the messages laced through the WMC and other issue ads which was design to portray Justice Louis Butler as less than the honorable person that he is.

By constantly harping on the supposed “evil” of WMC, any conservative organization or any conservative voice in Wisconsin, Paul Soglin is attempting to suppress the conservative vote through subtle intimidation and less-subtle character assassination. It is perfidy of the worst kind, and patriotic Wisconsinites should condemn it outright.

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